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  1. Carlos, is an excellent teacher with tremendous patience to work with anyone trying to learn Spanish

    Paul W.

  2. In moving to DR I’m committed to learning Spanish. Carlos has been an awesome teacher and look forward to continuing our lessons.

    Barb T.

  3. For those students who come to the Dominican Republic to learn Spanish for professional reasons and very serious about learning, Carlos is the best. I moved forward very quickly in a very short amount of time. He will follow your learning style and has great patience.

    Jamie Thompson

  4. Carlos tutored us in spanish as well as taught us about the culture and history of the area while we were in Sosua on a family vacation. We felt very comfortable with him and really enjoyed our sessions. Since then, we have continued taking lessons from Carlos with Skype which was been really effective and enjoyable.

    Ian Harvey

  5. I’ve had many many Spanish teachers, and Carlos is a fantastic teacher! He is personable and extremely professional. If you want to learn or better your Spanish, He is your guy!

    Hazel H.

  6. Spanish in DR gives me a trusty feeling. I am certainly giving them a try. Quiero aprender español!!!

    Marc Rosenberg

  7. Recommended. Carlos is an excellent teacher and very well prepared. My 14 year old son learned more, faster than our previous efforts. He really liked Carlos and became involved in the process. Carlos’ patience and his ability to tailor the classes to my son’s needs were very effective. I am pleased and grateful; I recommend Carlos without reservation.

    William Stewart

  8. I found Carlos when searching for a private spanish instructor in Cabarete on the internet. How fortunate I was. Meeting with Carlos prior to choosing the 30 academic hour course we discussed goals and appropriate level of instruction.I was impressed with Carlos’s professionalism and desire to meet my personal goals.We met three times a week for 2 academic hours a session. During our time together I recognized him to be an extremely qualified,knowledgeable language instructor. He was oh so
    punctual,attentive,patient,interesting,supportive and respectful. His teaching philosophy never wavered.We were able to coordinate his philosophy on how a second language is acquired and my personal learning style to make my time with him challenging and productive.It left me feeling I had accomplished another step in becoming more knowledgeable in reading,writing,seeing, hearing and speaking the language I feel so passionate and motivated to master in my lifetime. The time went by so quickly. I was sorry to see it end and that the continued challenge he presented with each session was done.
    Thank you so much Carlos.

    Joan Tessmer

  9. I feel fortunate to have taken the 30 academic hour class with such a knowledgeable and qualified language instructor.His professional, respectful, patient and supportive manner created a very positive learning environment. Coordinating his philosophy on second language acquisition and my level of achievement with reading, writing,listening and speaking classes continued to be challenging and very productive.
    I completed the class with Carlos only to want to continue to learn more.

    Joan Tessmer

  10. If you want to learn spanish, then this is one of the greatest teachers that will give you all the tools you need to speak and write in Spanish! Highly recommended !!!

    Herman N.

  11. Carlos was een leuke leraar. Wij hebben veel van hem geleerd, hij is flexibel en erg professioneel. Hij spreekt ook goed Duits en Engels.Bij de curcus was ook een lesboek inbegrepen waarbij de verhalen zich afspeelden in de DR en zelfs in Sosua.

    José en Theo

  12. Carlos came and taught my family in the apartment we rented in Sosua 5 years ago. He taught us about the culture and history of the Dominican Republic in spanish as well as furthered our spanish. He continues to teach me with Skype. He has helped my spanish a whole lot and I’m glad to have him as a friend too. I recommend Carlos enthusiastically.

    Ian Harvey

  13. Hello Carlos,

    Do you do lessons via skype or only in person?


    Fiona imboden

  14. Hi there,
    I’m interested in setting up a tutoring session. My boyfriend’s parents are from Santo Domingo and I want to be able to communicate with them. I have studied Spanish through high school but it’s been a long time since I’ve really spoken in Spanish. And with the Dominican dialect, I find that it’s difficult to speak with them at times. I can understand what they are saying, but I have difficulty responding in Spanish.

    Thank you,

    Leanne Surace