Carlos Alvarez
Private Spanish Tutor in Dominican Republic

"Carlos, is an excellent teacher with tremendous patience to work with anyone trying to learn Spanish"
Paul W.

"In moving to DR I'm committed to learning Spanish. Carlos has been an awesome teacher and look forward to continuing our lessons"
Barb T.


Hello everyone,

Welcome to articles! This section of this web page is intended to guide and help you in the learning of Spanish. Here you will find a number of articles and essays focused in the development of your skills at the time you decide to learn Spanish.

Here you will find facts and helpful advices about the grammar, vocabulary, very easily explained in order to ease the trouble that you may find just in case you are going through those aspects that we will review here. But, the most of all, to learn  basics topics and the differences between lots of grammar facts that you may find difficult at the beginning of your study of the language.

I hope you find this part useful and at the same time entertaining. It is my intention to bring some understanding in those doubtful moments that carry any learning activity that we start and especially when it comes to the learning of a foreign language.

It is designed to be an interactive part of this web page. My intention is that you can write me back  so we can have a cyber debate of all of these topics that I intend to bring here. Without you this section would not be possible.

I hope you like this section that we have made it just for you! If there are any feedbacks, please let us know!

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