Carlos Alvarez
Private Spanish Tutor in Dominican Republic


Hola y bienvenido!

Thank you very much for stopping by to read our web page. As you know Spanish has become one of the most important spoken languages in the world. So the interest of learning this language is becoming bigger and bigger.

Here are some of the facts that you need to know at the time to start learning Spanish.

So it is a great choice the learning of this wonderful and useful language. It is not only practical to speak it with the locals of the countries that you visit but also to learn from the colorful cultures and for the many business opportunities that you can have once you speak this beautiful language.

Why going to a school?

Why waste your time, effort and money going to a school when the teacher can go to you? At your hotel, apartment, in a restaurant or simply at your residence. This is the convenience of private lessons.

In a one on one lesson or small groups, it is more useful and practical to have private lessons. Private lessons are much more convenient and the teacher adjusts to the needs of each one of the students.

You will see the results faster than if you go to a school. Besides, your interest of learning the language it is not the same as the other students that you might share the lessons with. So your learning is going to be faster and you are going to feel the difference than if you go to a school.

Why the Dominican Republic?

Dominican Republic is the perfect destination. Sun, beautiful beaches and friendly people are just few of the reasons why you should study Spanish here. The Dominican Republic is situated right in the middle of the Caribbean what it means that it has a wonderful weather all year long and is a wonderful venue for the practice of water sports. Dominican Republic is a place with history, culture and vibrant evenings that amazes all the visitors that come here. The north coast is a very special part of the Dominican Rep.

We are situated in Sosúa and Cabarete which are two of the most beautiful cities of the north coast and offers to the visitors all sorts of activities and facilities that it would make your stay here very pleasant. Full of gorgeous restaurants, cafes, fitness studios and stores. The north coast has much more to give to make your visit relaxing and pleasant.

From the north coast you can travel to the center of the island where you can find mountains, lakes and rivers with an outstanding beauty. But if you want to see the cities you can go to Santo Domingo which is where the colonization in the new world started.

About the learning

I use a method of grammar and exercises with a communicative approach which include written and oral exercises and conversations at an early stage of the learning.

The grammar is very structured so the student can follow easier at the time to make the exercises and in the conversations sessions.

By using pictures we are going to learn vocabulary which is the most crucial part of every language. Every language is composed of these elements; grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary, we could say that grammar represents the 20%, pronunciation 5% and vocabulary a 75%! In our learning method we intend to pay much attention to that area of the learning.

One of the most critical moments in every task that we start is the beginning. 80% of all the failures and given ups of all the activities that we start are within the first 10 hours. I intend to take so much care in that time so your learning after that would become easier, relaxed and more fun.

Self esteem is very important and that´s why those first 20hours are very important for the rest of your learning.

Since the lessons are private the student chooses the best moment to learn and the teacher can set a wonderful learning atmosphere and a good relation teacher- student.

Not just in a class room but in a restaurant, or a swimming pool area. The lessons are much more relaxed!