Carlos Alvarez
Private Spanish Tutor in Dominican Republic

"Carlos, is an excellent teacher with tremendous patience to work with anyone trying to learn Spanish"
Paul W.

"In moving to DR I'm committed to learning Spanish. Carlos has been an awesome teacher and look forward to continuing our lessons"
Barb T.

Necessary elements to learn Spanish

Here are some elements necessary to obtain the best results in your learning of Spanish.

1._Motivation: To start any activity, not only learning Spanish, you need to be motivated. Motivation is the engine that will move your wishes and desires and transform your frustrations into mere passing negative experiences. An old saying goes that every activity we undertake is composed of 90% motivation and 10 % perspiration.

Without motivation we could not achieve anything in life!

2._Time: You need to take time to any future activity we undertake and learn Spanish is no exception. We understand that you have to devote a lot of extra time on each lesson taught by the teacher either in a private or group lessons. It is the only way to consolidate the knowledge we learn or perhaps do not fully understand in the classroom.

3._Discipline: We know by discipline is the respect, commitment and dedication that we put into every activity that we do. And yes, we need to do the same with our Spanish learning. Dedicate and create a learning system and we compromise ourselves with respect and devotion to it, and then we will see shortly satisfactory results.

Only through discipline we can achieve the success that we have longed dreamed.

4._ Studying habits: We must create a study habit so that our mind gets used to that schedule we use for studying. -Only that way it will be easier the learning. By creating this habit therefore we can use the other elements mentioned before and if one day we miss to study, then, we would feel that something is missing. That is the force of habit and custom, and if we apply that to our studies of Spanish, then it will be still far more productive and the results will be better.

Learning a new language is challenging and fun at the same timeDiscipline is the key of success

5._ Studying materials: All labor or work task elements need of certain tools to be performed. To learn Spanish, we need books, dictionary and especially several notebooks or pads to learn more quickly and effe

This is what you need to learn Spanish. In future Blog issues, we will explain more clearly each and every one of the elements presented here so you can succeed in your new mission it is to learn Spanish .ctively. By dividing the information we receive, such as: vocabulary (nouns, adjectives and adverbs) in a book we call pet or new words. A notebook or pad exclusively for the exercises. That call workbook Pad. Another for writing the grammar rules. That is going to be called simply¨ grammar ¨ and one for the conjugation of verbs. So we can divide the information, and that way is going to be more easily to find the time to consult in our notes.

If you follow these rules, you will see that your learning is far more entertaining and fun, yet fruitful.

I wish you a lot of success and fun in your Spanish studies!